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Advocating For Victims Of Retaliation

Until recently, you had been known as an asset in your workplace. You had dedicated years of service to your employer and received positive work evaluations at each annual review. Guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, you decided to speak out about an employer’s ethical violation, failure to follow procedure or observation of falsified documentation.

Suddenly, the praise for your work ethic was silenced, and the glowing reviews of workplace performance disappeared. Failure to advance within your company led you to believe your career stalled due to workplace retaliation rather than poor performance.

It is at this point that dedicated employees in your position contact Rettko Law Offices, S.C., for advice about their workplace conflict. As an employment law attorney, I have been representing employees throughout Wisconsin for over 30 years. I have counseled individuals like you who have told the truth about an event at work and have been punished for being honest. My extensive experience in this area of the law can be used to your advantage.

Representing Employees Who Are Dealing With Illegal Career Setbacks

While it is true that an employer can fire, demote or fail to promote an employee for many reasons, employees are protected from workplace retaliation for reasons, such as:

  • Reporting an unlawful behavior
  • Cooperating in an investigation about an illegal act

Drawing upon my extensive trial experience in this field of law, I have a history of success in litigating wrongful termination or retaliation claims in these matters and others, including a hostile work environment, breach of contract, whistleblowing and harassment. Other factors may limit your career prospects at work. I defend my clients’ interests when this discrimination has led to retaliation:

You may be hesitant to contact a lawyer to develop a legal strategy for wrongful termination; however, your career should not suffer due to an employer’s illegal action. I can help you protect your position, seek compensation or achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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