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What You Need To Know As A Police Union Worker

Wisconsin residents benefit from your protection every day. Whether your presence deters a crime, protects a victim or encourages safe driving conditions, most people can agree that your service in law enforcement helps their lives in countless ways. When disputes arise in your department, however, who protects your interests?

For over a decade, Rettko Law Offices, S.C., has been advocating for police unions in various capacities throughout the state. As an employment law attorney, I have designed legal strategies for police officers who have suffered from discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. I have counseled officers whose careers have been affected by these unlawful practices and have received multimillion-dollar settlements. When you need an advocate in your corner, look no further.

Offering Comprehensive Union Representation

In addition to litigation, I offer a wide range of legal services to union members and the organizations themselves. In the past, I have been hired to replace lawyers who failed to aggressively promote unions during contract negotiations. Through a vigorous defense of officer performance, I address concerns of backsliding wages and failure to meet comparables in matters such as:

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Wage standings and pay
  • Duty disability retirement benefits

Unions also seek my guidance in drafting and finalizing documents such as employment contracts and union bylaws. When officers require legal assistance before a board, I advocate on their behalf and ensure that they follow the protocols for various types of reviews, including the following:

  • Administrative board inquiries
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Appeals hearing

Although my practice is located in Brookfield, unions across Wisconsin approach me for legal aid. It is a testament to the quality of my services that unions spanning Rock County to Door County to Sawyer County to Kenosha County have retained my advisement and negotiation services.

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Before a contract dispute or disciplinary matter escalates, contact me by calling 262-783-7200 or by completing my intake form. I will review your claims. Together, we can develop a strategy for resolving the issue in a satisfactory manner.